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Dissertation Proposal and Topic

Hello, I am a taught master student at Warwick.  Like other master students, I must submit a dissertation proposal in February. To do so, I am reading articles in relation to my academic interests.  But I think that just reading relevant articles is not the only way or best way to develop my dissertation topic for submitting my proposal.  Do you happen to know other effective way to develp a dissertation topic? Thank you. 

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Last updated 06/02/2018 12:55 by Anonymous

Cyber Security lecturers

Hi guys,  I am trying to find someone who teaches any module in the BSc Cyber security (which I understand it's part of WMG) to get some advice on an issue, but I can't seem to find any names on the website i. e. module coordinator or anything really, except the Director of the Cyber Security Centre. I was actually looking for someone who teaches any module so I can approach them in their office hours (I would be much more comfortable rather than emailing the director of the cent

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To select an essay question

Hello, Joining a M.A. taught course, I have got assignments to write essays (word limit: 3500 for one, 5000 for the other). My concern is that I cannot decide which question I want to answer... Is it better to choose a topic in which I am most interested? or is it better to write the most arguable one that I can reach many academic source? It would be highly appreciated if anyone could advise me on this matter. Thank you!  :)  

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Last updated 23/11/2017 10:12 by Sun Park

Can postgraduates pursue WSPA?

Is WSPA targeted towards undergraduates or can postgraduates do it too?Also, can anyone give a comparison between Sprint programme and WSPA please? Thanks.

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Last updated 15/11/2017 20:47 by Srikari Mula

How to apply to uncommon companies/jobs

How does one go about apply and searching for jobs that do not advertise through the usual graduate programs, online or through career fairs at Warwick?   

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Last updated 14/11/2017 16:09 by Ify Umunna

Enhance Employability and Networking: A workshop for Warwick and Monash students

Hi All, I am writing to share with you a joint workshop on enhancing employability and networking. The workshop taking place at Warwick will be an international video link up and is designed for PhD students from both University of Warwick and University of Monash who would like to improve their employability and networking skills in order to succeed in finding PhD level job. It is organized to provide maximum hands-on practice for participants. The workshop will have three sessions, with

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Can I have a mentor who have same major?

I have bunch of questions about my faculty, Can I have a mentor who knows very well about mathematics?

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Last updated 17/10/2017 20:24 by Minjoo Jang

first meeting with my supervisor

Hello, I'm just starting a PhD at Warwick. I have met my supervisor previously when I was applying but now I'm here I'm not sure if I should be the one to arrange our first meeting? Should I wait for them to contact me or can I set up a meeting? Is there anything I should bring to or raise at our first meeting?  I'd appreciate your advice... 

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Last updated 28/09/2017 16:19 by Anonymous

Finding out about news

Hi, I've been to a lot of induction sessions and leaders have mentioned social media pages and webpages. Which are the best ones to follow? What websites have information for postgraduates?  Thanks! 

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Hi mates,Has anyone had a problem concerning proofreading? What solutions can you recommend?

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Last updated 15/09/2017 10:18 by Vladyslav Bieliavskyi

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