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Supply Chain Course

Hello, there, I am learning SCLM course now, I heard that the Financial Accounting Control course is having a  E-Test, I am a little worried about that, What is the E-test about?? Can someone help? Regards,Zoey

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Here's one for you all...I live far off-campus, so don't travel into university very often. I'm hoping to build my visits around any workshops offered by the library or wider university, to make the most of my time. I've no general requirements for these; just wanting to see what is on offer.So, to returning PGRS: which workshops have you found most useful? What would you recommend? And to new researchers: what are you looking forward to, or hoping to find, in upcoming sessions?Cheers!Ian  

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When are holidays?

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Adjusting to PG Study

Hi everyone,  I didn't study my undergraduate degree here at Warwick and I am starting my masters programme here. What could I do to make my transition to postgrad study easier? Thanks!

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CAD-drawn pen

Hi everybody! I am urgently searching for someone able to draw a pen in 3D for me with CAD. Can anybody gently do it for me by the end of the week? Eventual deals and further details for willing people.   Thank you in advance for your attention

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Last updated 04/09/2018 23:22 by Riccardo Barazzetta

Financial Analysis & Control Systems PMA

Hi, I'm a postgrad student at WMG. Recently, I attended my Financial Analysis Module and now I'm working on the related PMA. However, I never studied accounting before, so I'm having a lot of troubles to deal with my essay. Is there someone that can provide me help about it?   Thank you in advance for your attention.

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Last updated 17/04/2018 16:14 by Riccardo Barazzetta

IT service

Hey guys, I want to attend the IT courses about how to use Microsoft like Word, PPT professionally. Do someone know where can I attend it ?

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Last updated 06/03/2018 13:56 by Jinming Cao

Dissertation Proposal and Topic

Hello, I am a taught master student at Warwick.  Like other master students, I must submit a dissertation proposal in February. To do so, I am reading articles in relation to my academic interests.  But I think that just reading relevant articles is not the only way or best way to develop my dissertation topic for submitting my proposal.  Do you happen to know other effective way to develp a dissertation topic? Thank you. 

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Cyber Security lecturers

Hi guys,  I am trying to find someone who teaches any module in the BSc Cyber security (which I understand it's part of WMG) to get some advice on an issue, but I can't seem to find any names on the website i. e. module coordinator or anything really, except the Director of the Cyber Security Centre. I was actually looking for someone who teaches any module so I can approach them in their office hours (I would be much more comfortable rather than emailing the director of the cent

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Last updated 02/02/2018 10:10 by Daniela Bruma

To select an essay question

Hello, Joining a M.A. taught course, I have got assignments to write essays (word limit: 3500 for one, 5000 for the other). My concern is that I cannot decide which question I want to answer... Is it better to choose a topic in which I am most interested? or is it better to write the most arguable one that I can reach many academic source? It would be highly appreciated if anyone could advise me on this matter. Thank you!  :)  

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Last updated 23/11/2017 10:12 by Sun Park

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