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Sharpening academic skills: Useful workshops

Hi folks, Firstly, a very warm welcome to Warwick and our brand new platform! Hope that our new PG  students are enjoying the time at the campus!   I would like to share with you some workshops offered by the RSSP programme that will help you sharpening a number of academic skills that will consequently boost abilities and confidence. I would like to highlight those specially tailored for first-year postgrads: they cover different aspects of the  initial steps (that frankly are

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Hi there :)

Hi there to everyone and my mentor colleagues, I am Xintong. I am doing my second year PhD in Center for Educational Studies. My research is about distributed leadership in Higher education. I did my Master's in Educational Leadership and Management 14/15 also in Warwick. My research is really important for me but I also love enjoying PhD life. :)   I would be really glad if I can help anyone not only in academic field but also any other questions in life. Research difficulties, house iss

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Best study spaces for PGs on campus?

Hi, i'm new to campus this week and i'd like to ask about the different types of study spaces available for postgrad students?  

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Internships for funded PhD students

Hi everyone I wanted to signpost you all to a link about the Research Council Policy  Internship Scheme (RCUK) which is open to PhD students who are funded by a Research Council - like the ESRC for example. http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/cross_fac/esrcdtc/news/?newsItem=094d43454ef9384d014f1d34fb6d4912 There are a number of opportunities in the Home Office, Cabinet Office and more here http://www.rcuk.ac.uk/skills/policy-internships-scheme/ I just got selected by the Cabinet Office and wi

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Adjusting to PG Study

Hi everyone,  I didn't study my undergraduate degree here at Warwick and I am starting my masters programme here. What could I do to make my transition to postgrad study easier? Thanks!

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Hi mates,Has anyone had a problem concerning proofreading? What solutions can you recommend?

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Enhance Employability and Networking: A workshop for Warwick and Monash students

Hi All, I am writing to share with you a joint workshop on enhancing employability and networking. The workshop taking place at Warwick will be an international video link up and is designed for PhD students from both University of Warwick and University of Monash who would like to improve their employability and networking skills in order to succeed in finding PhD level job. It is organized to provide maximum hands-on practice for participants. The workshop will have three sessions, with

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Top tips for new PGs :)

Mentors,If you could give one piece of advice to our new PGs, what would it be?  Mine is - try at least one new activity when you get here; sports, creative hobbies, volunteering... There's so much more to campus than just studying and attending classes. :)

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Welcome to Postgrad Mentoring site!

Dear postgraduates,   Welcome to our new peer-mentoring platform. This is a friendly community space where you can chat with other postgraduate students, share advice and experience of studying at Warwick. Our team of mentors will help you find all the relevant information, academic and pastoral support. You can post questions in the public "Conversation", answer these as well, or contact PG mentors directly. Ask away! :)Wishing you all a successful academic year, Ana

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Taking a break from research learning how to play music ?

Hi all,   I often catch myself thinking that I could use a bit of my free time to learn something stimulating and exciting. I feel a bit sad about the fact that I never had the real chance to learn how to play any instrument. My only experience was trying to play the violin, but I had only 6 months of training because my teacher at the time had to move to a different city.    was wondering if anyone of you guys know if Warwick offers some sort of training course for beginners

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